How Do We Do It

Our Work Process

Advertising campaign :

An advertising campaign is a combination of promotional events, united by one idea and theme, aimed at getting the advertiser's desired effect. The development of an advertising campaign, as well as its holding, takes a certain period of time. And it is important to remember that every next marketing move within one campaign should be connected with the previous one and complement it.

Advertising increases the recognition of the trademark, shapes the attitude of the target audience to the brand, and attracts new customers. A professionally conducted advertising campaign will bring your business to a new level.

Stages of development of an advertising campaign :

The development of an advertising campaign is the work of a team of experienced advertisers. The solution to this problem consists of several stages:

  • Market analysis
  • Definition of a consumer portrait
  • Choice of means of communication and sites for advertising
  • Production of advertising messages
  • Directly implementation of the project.

  • JM Advertisers, as a team of professionals, will develop for you a competent advertising campaign and implement it qualitatively.

    For the advertising campaign to have an impact on the consumer, our specialists are-

  • Accurately determine your target audience.
  • Find out what exactly you want to convey to your customer / customer services.
  • Develop a strategy for advertising to get the most out of it.
  • Choose the form of advertising (banner, article, poster, etc.) and the place of its placement (transport, radio, television, metro, press - newspaper or magazine, etc.).
  • Plan the timing of the campaign (short-term or long-term campaign).
  • Calculate the cost (choice of tariff).
  • Make a media plan.
  • Specify the effectiveness and relevance of selected advertising goals.
  • Appreciate the result and the effect achieved by advertising.

  • Our specialists will do everything possible to develop an advertising campaign for your business as quickly as possible. Moreover, we make great efforts and use all our experience to make your promotion not just pay off, but also increase your profit. We will make your advertising campaign not only an effective business tool, but also a cause of your pride!